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A gift to iGeneTRAiN accelerates research to develop new ways to perform translational research in transplantation. Support for iGeneTRAiN can be provided in a variety of ways, including check, credit card, and even stock.

  • A $100 gift allows us to scan the genome with the transplant genetic array (containing approximately 800,000 genetic variants) of a transplant recipient from our studies and integrate their rejection outcomes and other complications of rejection in with the existing datasets.
  • A $200 gift allows us to scan the genome of a transplant recipient and their respective donor from our studies and integrate their outcomes with the existing datasets.
  • A gift of $25,000 or more establishes a named fund and enables you to directly support specific iGeneTRAiN research initiatives, pilot programs, faculty support, and/or education for the next generation of scientific leaders.

Ways to Give:

Where it is needed most: Unrestricted gifts allow the leadership of iGeneTRAiN to direct funding to areas where the opportunity to impact transplantation research is greatest. Online donations: We have set up donation pages for over 10 countries to date. Please click on the flag of the country from which you wish to donate to. Pledges may be paid over multiple years. If you are interested in making such a gift, please contact the iGeneTRAIN Leadership or Penn Transplant Genomics.

Click Here to Donate

It is also possible to donate by sending a check payable to ‘iGeneTRAiN‘ to the following address: C/O Professor Abraham Shaked, Penn Transplant Institute, Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania, 2 Dulles Building, 3400 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Where will the donation be spent on?

We are genuinely committed to every possible penny of all donated funds to actual genomic research (we strive to spend 95% of raised funds on research with 5% on necessary admin). We aim to adhere to the highest standards in the field to achieve this with transparency, accountability and oversight on all funds raised and spent.
The United States iGeneTRAiN committee is underway in 501c3 applications and you can shortly make your tax-deductible contribution using a secure online Giving Form.

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