New iGeneTRAiN members

Over the last 18 months we have expanded the iGeneTRAiN members to include a number of new groups including those below:

  1. University of San Francisco: Over 700 Lung Transplant DNA samples (PI: John Greenland)
  2. King Faisal Research Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Over 600 liver transplant samples
  3. Intermountain Heart Utah: Over 600 Heart Transplant DNA samples (PI: Boudi Kfoury)
  4. Scripps, CA: Over 2,400 Kidney Transplant DNA samples
  5. Swiss Transplant Cohort Study (STCS) : Over 3,000 solid-organ transplant DNA samples
  6. Colombia, New York: Over 2,000 kidney transplant related DNA samples
  7. Medical University of Vienna, Austria: Over 1,600 kidney transplant DNA samples (PI: Rainer Oberbauer)
  8. Leiden University Medical Center : Over 600 Kidney Transplant DNA samples (PI: Michael Eikmans)
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